Putzmeister - Mining Technology

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Putzmeister is a leading company in the development and manufacture of concrete pumping equipment for a range of applications, from construction work to civil engineering and mining. Car Pump

Putzmeister - Mining Technology

The company offers integrated solutions in the application, transport and batching of shotcrete in mines; as well as the processing and conveyance of sludge and other high-density materials. Concrete spraying work in underground mines and tunnel construction

Putzmeister’s Underground division offers a variety of equipment for concrete spraying work in underground mines and tunnel construction.

The company’s shotcrete equipment optimises the logistics of underground work, and includes mechanised concrete spraying machines, as well as concrete transport, batching plants, and equipment and personnel lifting and transportation vehicles. Mechanised shotcreting increases safety and facilitates the operator’s work. Putzmeister mechanised wet mix concrete spraying machines were used in the tunnel Ave Ulloa in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The fast reaction and precision in the telescopic arm movements enables a high-quality finish. To make the most of technology, we offer operator training and safety courses. EFNARC certified Putzmeister staff can certify concrete spraying operators as ‘nozzlemen’ through the EFNARC nozzlemen certification programme, evaluating the sprayers on their knowledge and skills at their workplace.

Sprayed concrete has become the industry standard for initial and final support in underground construction, particularly mining and tunneling, as it provides a safe working environment for operators and significantly reduces material and time-related costs onsite.

A layer of mechanised, wet-mix shotcrete quickly secures the tunnel face, increasing safety while generating substantial savings in material and personnel-related costs, and significantly reducing project delivery times.

A shotcrete operator can control the equipment remotely from a secure, supported area, and the spraying arm can reach heights of 10m-17m, eliminating the need for scaffolding or platforms. Output rates can reach up to 30m³/h.

Features include: High-precision additive dosing systems ensure the synchronisation of additive and concrete flow for high-quality spraying finish All spraying systems are available with an on-board air compressor for autonomous shotcrete operation Designed for the rough working conditions in mining and tunnelling, the vehicles are robust and durable

In order to achieve high-quality results, operators require comprehensive training in the efficient use of equipment, correct shotcrete mixture and spraying techniques.

Putzmeister courses are tailored to customers’ needs, and can act as a learning path ahead of qualifying as ‘Nozzlemen’ under the European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals & Concrete Systems (EFNARC) certification programme. Transporting and storing sludge and high-density materials

Putzmeister are experts in the design and construction of plants that employ sophisticated systems engineering. The key component of all such systems is provided by Putzmeister pumps, which are capable of pumping materials with a high-solids content.

In mining, Putzmeister pumps transport tailings to the dam / filter, or transport backfilling paste into underground mines. The pump system features a piston pump, a hydraulic power pack to drive the pump, and an electric cabinet with a programmable logic controller (PLC), control and operation panel.

These reliable and robust pumps can handle foreign bodies in material up to two thirds of the size of the pipeline’s diameter. With an output of up to 150bar, they can pump over distances of up to 11km, and achieve effective pumping outputs of approximately 500m³/h. Other components are also used, in addition to silos, bunkers, mixing units, pipelines with accessories, and process controllers. Safe, economic and environmentally friendly solid pumps

The core components of the Putzmeister delivery programme are S-transfer tube piston pumps (KOS), seat valve piston pumps (HSP), ball valve piston pumps (KOV) and ZX piping systems.

Special advantages of the Putzmeister pumping system include: With paste transport, less cement is needed for underground disposal than for slurry transport On the surface, the lower water content means rapid self-compaction, which prevents uncontrolled runoff Environmental protection by saving water

Putzmeister Solid Pumps plans and engineers material conveying and transporting solutions that employ process technology; it delivers items of machinery, assembles and starts them up at the customer’s premises, and offers a comprehensive service after handing the system over. About Putzmeister

Putzmeister is a leading pump manufacturer headquartered in Aichtal, Germany. Set up in 1958, the group has been awarded several world records, including for vertical pumping during the construction of the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The company has a worldwide presence with subsidiaries in 13 countries and a sales service network spanning 47 countries. China’s SANY Heavy Industries Co acquired Putzmeister in 2012, consolidating its position as the market leader in concrete pumping.

Safe and economic transportation of material.

Putzmeister Underground designs concrete spraying arms for high-performance and coverage.

The MIXKRET 5 from Putzmeister - a low-profile concrete mixer for underground mining applications.

Putzmeister has established itself as a constructor of systems for handling solids. Hydraulic piston pumps and feed systems such as screw conveyors, silos and silo discharge technology as well as dosing and mixing technology. This has made the company into a system constructor for the storage, mixing and transportation of high-density substances.

Slurry, paste and cake transport by piston pumps.

Putzmeister is launching a new 3D simulator-based training course for wet-mix shotcrete equipment operators.

The Belchatow power station in the Polish province of Łódź has a capacity of 5,420MW, making it Europe's largest brown coal power station.

Leading underground mining shotcrete specialist Putzmeister is adding new products to its range of underground construction equipment at this year's world-leading construction machinery fair, bauma in Germany.

Visit Putzmeister at Asia Pacific's International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) from 1 to 4 September in Sydney, Australia - German Pavilion, Hall 3, Stand #3411-04

The Ruta del Sol is considered one of the most important infrastructure project in the history of Colombia, connecting the interior of the country with the Atlantic coast.

The Rasvumchorr underground mine is situated 14km East of Kirovsk, a town of approximately 30,000 inhabitants located in the Khibiny Mountains of the Kola Peninsula, in the Murmansk region of northwestern Russia, adjacent to Finland and Norway.

Fresnillo underground mine in the eponymous municipality in the central state of Mexico, Zacatecas, an area with rich mining resources.

For more than 30 years, Putzmeister has designed, developed and produced equipment for shotcrete in mines and tunnels, combining excellence in concrete pumping with experience in the field of shotcrete. The range of equipment for shotcrete is complemented by transportation equipment for concrete and cement.

Putzmeister will be present at the 2014 EXPOMINA mining trade show in Peru, one of the most important specialised events in the mining products and services sector, being held from 10 - 12 September in Lima. Putzmeister has been a leading provider of concrete pumping and placing equipment since its foundation in Germany more than 50 years ago.

The PERUMIN mining convention is considered one of the most important mining events in Latin America, organised by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP) since 1954. PERUMIN hosts the Mining Technology Exhibition EXTEMIN, presenting the most important national and international suppliers of mining goods and services.

Minas de Aguas Tenidas S.A. U. ("MATSA") is a wholly owned Spanish subsidiary of Iberian Minerals Corp., a public Swiss company. The Aguas Tenidas Mine is 100% owned by MATSA. The expected mine life is 11 years, with deposits for exploitation until 2020 and mineral production of 2.2 Mt /year. MATSA 2.031.044 tons of ores in 2011, therefore 1.160.978t copper and 870.066t polymetallic.

Putzmeister Underground Division will exhibit at Expomin 2012, Santiago de Chile, on 9- 13 April, at stand number 28-F (Open Area).

Putzmeister Iberica, Madrid has established a 24/7 technical service hotline for emergencies, available to all customers worldwide requiring troubleshooting or technical assistance for Putzmeister equipment. A qualified technician will be available to provide telephone assistance and s

Putzmeister reaches an agreement with GHH & Mine Master for the distribution and service of drilling jumbos, bolting rigs and load haul dumpers to complement the company's shotcreting equipment for tunnelling. The cooperation between the companies will start with Putzmeister distributing and

Shotcrete is ideal for early ground support after blasting or excavating in mining, providing early strength development. Putzmeister's mobile shotcrete equipment applies concrete in mines and tunnels all over the world, with concrete output rates of up to 30m³/h and spraying reaches of up t

For over 50 years, Putzmeister has been building truck-mounted concrete pumps. They are designed for use in the widest range of concrete applications, such as the construction of bridges or high-rise buildings. A truck-mounted concrete pump consists of a truck, a support device, a pis

Having been a reference point in the fabrication of concrete and mortar pumping equipment for more than 50 years, Putzmeister has developed into a strong partner in the difficult field of tunnelling and mining, especially for shotcrete equipment, but also for material transport or other applicati

The Muga potash mine is located approximately 50km south-east of Pamplona, straddling the communities of Undués de Lerda and Urriés in Aragón Province, and Sangüesa and Javier in Navarra Province, Spain.

Ideal for small and medium section galleries and tunnels, the SPM 4210 WETKRET

The MIXKRET concrete mixer provides great climbing and driving power.

The BATCHKRET 20 simplifies site logistics by streamlining the concrete production process.

Oil-hydraulic double-piston pump with S-transfer tube for coarse grain solids and high-pressure applications

Oil-hydraulic piston pump with seat valves for fine grain slurries with a high percentage of solids

Putzmeister - Mining Technology

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